Monday, May 4, 2009

Paper Scissors Rock Champion

Name: Paper Scissors Rock Champion
Number of players: 20+
Age group: 5+
Necessary Equipment: none

How to Play
  • Players split into pairs.
  • Each pair plays one game of paper scissors rock.
  • The loser of the game must then follow around the winner of the game as their 'cheerleader' ("Go Jason, go Jason, go Jason...).
  • Any two winners get together and have another game of paper scissors rock.
  • The loser of that game, and any of their cheerleaders, now become cheerleaders for the new winner.
  • Game continues until one Paper Scissors Rock Champion is found. (At this point, all other players who started the game will be cheerleading for this single player.)
This game is great for large groups, and requires very little input from a facilitator. It is also a good "get-to-know-you" game as players are required to cheer for different people during the game.

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