Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alaskan Baseball

Name: Alaskan Baseball
Number of players: 10+
Age group: 10+
Necessary Equipment: 1 Ball or other object that can be thrown (eg. rubber chicken)

How to Play
  • Split players into two teams.
  • One team starts off with the ball (Team A).
  • Team A must make a line and pass the ball down their team, over-under-over-under (i.e. the first person passes the ball over their head, the second person under their legs, the third person over their head etc.).
  • At the same time, the second team must get into a group (Team B), and nominate one person to run around the group as many times as possible.
  • Every time Team B's player runs around the group, they get one point. (No half-points or part points.)
  • When Team A gets the ball to the last person in line, they call out, "stop" and throw the ball as far way from Team B as possible.
  • Team B must then run to get the ball and start the under-over pattern, while Team A gets into a group and starts a person running around.
  • Play finishes when one group reaches a set number of runs, eg. 21.

This game is great fun, and somehow enchanced with the use of a rubber chicken rather than a ball. Rubber chickens are especially good as they are easier to hold on to. It is also an excellent game for teamwork, as no-one gets out, so teams must work together with all of their players.


  • Ball Handling
  • Teamwork

Useful Words/Terms

There are a number of words that are used when describing game play. Here are a few of the common ones.

Offense/Offence: The team that has the ball
Attack: Same as Offence
Defence: The team that does not have the ball
Referee (Ref)/Umpire: The person in charge of the game (often has a whistle!)
Self-Replicating: A game in which no player is permanently out, i.e. there are ways to get back in if you are out
Self-Managing: A game that does not require a referee
It or In: A person or people who have to chase or tag other people

Ball Tag

Ball tag is a simple tag game where players must use the ball to tag people out. Vary the size of the playing area depending on the ability and number of players.

Name: Ball Tag
Number of players: 8 - 30
Age group: 7+
Necessary equipment: 1 ball
Possible other equipment: Cones (to mark off playing area), Bibs (to mark different teams)

How to Play
  • Split the group into 2 teams.
  • One team is given the ball.
  • The attacking team must try to tag members of the other team with the ball. Players must be holding the ball in order to tag another player.
  • Players may not move while holding the ball.
  • The defending team can intercept the ball at any time. They then become the attacking team.
  • Players who are tagged are out.
To make this a self-replicating game, allow players who are out to return to the game when their team gets an intercept.

  • Ball Handling
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy: Let the game play for a few minutes, then stop the game and ask the teams to get together to strategise.
  • Netball

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to Big Big Box

Big Big Box is a resource for people who want to play a game. Any game.

The idea behind Big Big Box is to bring together all types of games. Ball games, maths games, icebreaker games, team games, drinking name it, we game it.

One day, we would like Big Big Box to be a repository for games from all around the world, a pick 'n' mix of any and every game you can imagine.

Let the game(s) begin!