Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bump Tag

Name: Bump Tag (or Bump)
Number of players: 15+
Age group: 7+
Necessary equipment: none

How to play
  • Get the players into pairs.
  • Spread the pairs out in the playing area. Pairs must link arms.
  • Split up one pair, and make one person the chaser and one person the chasee.
  • The aim is for the chaser to catch the chasee.
  • At any time, the chasee can "bump" into one of the pairs in the playing area.
  • If the pair is "bumped" from the right, then the person on the left of the pair becomes the chasee, and vice versa.
  • The original chasee must then link up with the person in the pair who is left to create a new pair.
  • When the chaser catches the chasee, the roles are reversed.

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