Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Blanket Name Game

Name: The Blanket Name Game
Number of players: 10-20
Age: 5+
Necessary equipment: A blanket or sheet

How to play
  • Ensure that the group has had a chance to learn each other's names.
  • Split the group into two teams.
  • Two people need to hold the blanket up so that the two teams cannot see each other.
  • Each team chooses one member to come to the front of the group.
  • When both teams are ready, the helpers drop the blanket.
  • The first person to say the name of the person on the other team wins.
  • The person who loses must then join the opposing team.
  • The blanket is held up again and teams select a new player.
  • Play continues until one team has no players left.
This is a great game for learning names, and can be played multiple times so that everyone gets a chance to learn others' names. For groups that already know each other's names, the game is more about the speed of response.

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