Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People to People

Name: People to People
Number of players: 15+
Age: 5+
Necessary equipment: none

How to Play

  • Players starts in partners, with one person in the centre. (The facilitator may have to step in as this game requires an odd number of players.)
  • The person in the centre calls out instructions such as "back to back", "elbow to knee", "head to shoulder".
  • The partners must carry out the instruction by placing the two named body parts together. (Obviously there is potential here for inappropriate combinations; the maturity of the players needs to be considered!)
  • After a few instructions, the player in the centre calls, "people to people!"
  • All players must run around the circle to find a new partner. The player in the middle must also find a partner.
  • The player who ends up without a partner stands in the centre and begins the process again.
This game is self-replicating and generally requires little input from the facilitator. It can be used as an excellent 'get to know you' game, where players must introduce themselves to their new partner before the next round can begin.

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