Thursday, May 7, 2009

Line Tag

Name: Line Tag
Number of players: 10+
Age: 5+
Necessary equipment: An area with multiple intersecting lines (eg. a sports hall)

How to play
  • Nominate one person (or more, if the group is large) to be the tagger.
  • Everyone in the game (including the person who is in) must only run on the marked lines.
  • If someone is tagged, they can:
    • be out of the game (meaning the game goes on until the tagger has caught everybody)
    • become the tagger instead of the person who is in (meaning that the game goes on indefinitely)
    • become the tagger as well as the person who is in (meaning the games goes on until everyone is a tagger)

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  1. Are you looking for more games to add to this collection?