Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alaskan Baseball

Name: Alaskan Baseball
Number of players: 10+
Age group: 10+
Necessary Equipment: 1 Ball or other object that can be thrown (eg. rubber chicken)

How to Play
  • Split players into two teams.
  • One team starts off with the ball (Team A).
  • Team A must make a line and pass the ball down their team, over-under-over-under (i.e. the first person passes the ball over their head, the second person under their legs, the third person over their head etc.).
  • At the same time, the second team must get into a group (Team B), and nominate one person to run around the group as many times as possible.
  • Every time Team B's player runs around the group, they get one point. (No half-points or part points.)
  • When Team A gets the ball to the last person in line, they call out, "stop" and throw the ball as far way from Team B as possible.
  • Team B must then run to get the ball and start the under-over pattern, while Team A gets into a group and starts a person running around.
  • Play finishes when one group reaches a set number of runs, eg. 21.

This game is great fun, and somehow enchanced with the use of a rubber chicken rather than a ball. Rubber chickens are especially good as they are easier to hold on to. It is also an excellent game for teamwork, as no-one gets out, so teams must work together with all of their players.


  • Ball Handling
  • Teamwork

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