Friday, August 14, 2009

Bench Ball

Name: Bench Ball
Number of players: 15 - 40
Age: 10+
Necessary equipment: Two low benches (long enough for the whole team to stand on at once), 4-12 balls (any size) depending on the number of players

How to play:
  • Have a playing area that has a central line. Place the benches 5 - 10 metres from the central line, facing each other.
  • Split the players into two teams.
  • One player from each team gets chosen to stand on a bench, facing each other.
  • The rest of the team stands on the opposite side of the playing area. Team members can not cross the centre line.
  • Players take it in turns to throw balls to the player on the bench. If the "bench" player catches a ball, the player who threw the ball joins that player on the bench, and may also catch balls from their teammates.
  • At the same time, players on the ground may defend the passes made to the opposing team's "bench" players.
  • Game ends when all players from one team are on the bench.

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