Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Game: Fastball
Number of players: 10-30
Age: 8+
Necessary equipment: ball, cones, bibs/sashes

How to Play

  • Determine the playing area. A basketball-court-sized area is good for up to 20 players; more than that you may need more space.
  • Use cones to mark out two 2 metre x 2 metre squares, one at each end of the playing area. (Larger squares if playing area is larger.) The squares will need to be at least 1 metre from the edge of the playing area. (Alternatively, you can use pre-marked spaces on the playing area, such as the small circles on a basketball court.)
  • Divide the players up into two teams. Give one team bibs/sashes so you can see which team is which.
  • Each team starts on one side of the playing area. The ball is thrown into the centre of the playing area by the referee to begin the game. The aim of the game is to get the ball into your playing area without your team being tagged.
  1. If you are tagged while holding the ball, it is handed over to the other team.
  2. If you kick the ball, or touch it with your feet in any way, it is handed over to the other team.
  3. If the ball is handed over, the other team must move at least 1 metre away from the person who is taking the ball. (This is to avoid them being tagged immediately.)
  4. If the ball is thrown out of the playing area, the other team throws it in again from the point at which it went out.
  5. Players may drop the ball and pick it up again, or throw it in the air and catch it again.
  6. A player can only be tagged if s/he is holding the ball. To avoid a tag, a player may throw the ball into the air and then catch it again.
  7. A team is awarded one point if they get the ball into their team's scoring area. To do this, it must be held by a player with two hands, and with both feet in the scoring area.

If necessary, the number of defenders and/or attackers in the scoring area can be limited.

Team work
Ball handling

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